About Us

About "Can Do" Street

"Can Do" Street is an animated, interactive web site for young children where can-shaped characters need help in making good choices to be safe, have fun and learn new things. Access to the programs, games and activities of "Can Do" Street is through the Club House. 

Background & History

The concept of computer-based interactive programs as a medium for helping young children make good choices began 30 years ago with "The Choices Program." However there were limited applications for the program as many educational environments and homes were not equipped with computers at that time.

The Production Team

"Can Do" Street is the collective effort of several talented people who brought their years of experience to the creation of a web site and programs that are easy to use. They created characters, sets, music and storylines that are interesting and fun as a way to engage children in making good choices. 

Child Voice Actors

On "Can Do" Street the voices of child characters are those of children ages seven through eleven years old. They are amateur voice actors. They are representative of the racial and ethnic groups in the cast of characters.

Adult Voice Actors

Voice actors for the adult characters on "Can Do" Street are also amateurs and are representative of the racial and ethnic groups of the adult characters. Some are grandmas and grandpas, teachers, coaches, social workers and health care professionals which enables them to lend authenticity to the characters they play.