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"Can Do" Street is a discovery learning website that offers 3-7 year old children fun ways to develop decision making skills about personal safety, friendship, sharing, appropriate behavior and other life skills. The site provides interactive activities for children through creative cartoon programs and educational games as well as downloads that include coloring and activity sheets, follow-up exercises, and instructional materials for parents and teachers.

Programs feature animated can-shaped characters called the “Can Do” Company. They are racially and culturally diverse and include characters with disabilities. There are 14 child characters, two grandpas, five grandmas, a nurse, a teacher, a coach, a policewoman, and a service dog. Each program is seven to twelve minutes long. Programs are narrated, insuring that children who do not read can benefit from the programs.

In each program, characters present situations that require the child using the program to make decisions. The child cannot exit each interactive choice scene until he or she makes the correct choice from two possible answers. The child is not corrected but asked to try again until he or she makes the correct choice. When the child chooses the correct answer, characters pop their tops sending out a stream of bubbles and compliment the child on his her good choice.

Program themes focus on areas of special concern for parents such as stranger danger and a child getting lost. Themes about sharing and being a friend give children things to consider in their own lives when dealing with situations that involve sharing and playing with others. Each program has 3 accompanying activity sheets which can be downloaded and used between computer sessions to reinforce the content of the program.

As a child finishes each program, a parent or teacher can download a completion certificate for the program. Membership certificates are also available. New activities are added to the site each month.

The “Can Do” Street Site And Its Programs Are Smart Board Compatible.